(This site was last updated on the 4th February 2013)

It is with great sadness that we advise of the death of the founder of this website, Kenneth (Kenny) Delman.

With the blessing of his family, some of his friends intend to keep this website going, and expand it as we hope Kenny would have wished.

We do not have access to Kenny's email account, so if anyone has tried to contact Kenny about the site and not had a reply, could they please re-send their message using the "Email Us" link on the menu bar above. For the same reason, we would be most grateful if those who have supplied items or images in the past could also get in touch in the same way so we can get their permission for the use of their images by other groups should it be requested.

Our first priority will be to create a tribute page about Kenny, after which we hope to expand the various pages. Anyone who has any ideas or would like to contribute, do please contact us.

Thank you for the support you have provided in the past.

Welcome. This site is to display my collection of transport badges and related items, from Glasgow, Scotland.
Although Glasgow has seen many different operators and forms of transport over the years, my main interest is in collecting items from Glasgow Corporation Tramways / Transport and it's successors, Greater Glasgow PTE, Strathclyde PTE, and Strathclyde's Buses Ltd.
I also have a keen interest in the privately owned Glasgow District Subway Co Ltd, the Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Co Ltd and the Andrew Menzies City Omnibus service.

Andrew Menzies City Omnibus fare token, 1859.

Click on the titles above to visit each section. I will be adding more items as I get them, so do check back reguarly and click on the "What's New ?" page to see the latest updates.
If you have anything of interest for sale or swap, please drop me a line.
Nothing on this site is available to buy, but I sometimes have a few items to swap, email me to set up a trade.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

This website has no connection with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, or Glasgow City Council.
This is an unofficial, non-profit, & non-commercial, hobby website, intended to inform & educate. No copyright infringement is intended. The photographs (those not taken by myself) have been collected over the years from many different sources. If you are the copyright owner of any photo on this site, please contact me and I will credit your name. Or if you object to it being used, I will of course remove it.  Please visit the Credits page for more details.