John MacPherson

John MacPherson spent his working life with Glasgow Corporation Transport, and on the formation of the Greater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive in 1973, he was made it's first operations manager, a post he held until his untimely death in June 1977.

His niece, Elaine Moore, very kindly sent me some items related to John for the site. These include the August 1977 copy of Interchange, the GGPTE staff newspaper which printed a tribute article to John. A programme from a 1969 reception of Glasgow Corporation staff at the City Chambers. A group photo of  John attending a senior course at the British Transport Staff College. A photo of John and a note of his obituary. And a fares & route booklet from Glasgow Corporation Tramways, dated 1926, which has a mixture of printed and neatly handwritten entries. If you have any information regarding this booklet please let me know.

John attending the British Transport Staff College, Senior Course No7, in 1977 (click to enlarge).

The 1926 GCT Routes, Stages & Fares booklet.

John's Tribute from the Interchange newspaper.

Mr John MacPherson, operations manager of the PTE, died suddenly in June aged 55.

Mr MacPherson, who spent his life in public transport, was highly respected in public transport circles throughout the UK.  His untimely death has been felt by many as their personal loss, and nowhere more so than in Glasgow Transport.

To both unions and management, he represented a tower of strength and his dealings with at all times carried the high mark of his complete integrity. He is particularly remembered for being always approachable and ever courteous.

The workload he assumed was colossal by any standards, yet he tackled it day and daily. He was known and admired for his untiring devotion to his job.

His funeral was one of the largest seen at Linn Crematorium in recent years. Hundreds attended from all walks of life, and from transport undertakings and unions throughout Scotland and Britain. Traffic staff from PTE garages and the Underground supplied a guard of honour.

Me MacPherson began as a clerk in the traffic department of the former Corporation Transport in 1939 at the age of 18. He was called up to the RAF in 1941 and saw most of his war service in Egypt. When he returned, he resumed duties in traffic, being promoted regularly.

In 1964, he became Traffic Planning Officer and five years later Assistant Traffic Superintendent and was promoted Operations Manager in 1973.
Mr MacPherson was a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Honorary Education and Training Officer of the Scottish section.

But highest on his list of spare-time activities was his involvement in local affairs. He was a founder member of his local amenity society, the Cathcart Association. He was treasurer of his area Scout group and piloted work for handicapped Scouts. He was in heavy demand as a noted speaker on Glasgow Transport and Old Glasgow.

His widow, Mrs Margie MacPherson, has asked that these columns record her thanks to all in Glasgow Transport who sent letters and messages to her and her son Alan.

 At Mr MacPherson's funeral, the officiating clergyman stated: "He was a big man in every way - he had a big heart and a big love of living. His personality was such that some of it was left with everyone with whom he came into contact."

I would like to thank Elaine and her mother, Bunty Taylor, for entrusting these items to my collection. Elaine runs The Olive Tree bed & breakfast in Cornwall.