Greenstaff (and others) at work

GCT horse tram in service,1896.
Note the crew wearing the kepi style of hat and brass scroll cap badge which named their respective roles.

GCT staff who had served in the Royal Navy and British Army, assembled at Coplawhill for inspection by Field Marshall Kitchener, 1911.

GCT General Manager James Dalrymple and Lord Provost Stevenson, inspecting the first GCT volunteers for military service in the Great War. One in six would never return.

GCT permanent way workers load granite setts onto car No4.

The first conductress recruited during the Great War. Such was the interest, inspectors had to keep sightseers at bay, 1915.

The crew of No12, one of the first GCT motorbuses, 1924.

A conductress during WWII.

Motormen training at Coplawhill.

Timekeepers box.

Crew changeover in the Underground depot lifting pit.

Ibrox Garage cash room 1958.

Greenstaff awaiting a changeover at Partick.

Langside Depot cash office.

Larkfield Garage canteen kitchen staff, 1963.

One man operation 1969.

Inspectors training school at Coplawhill, 1972.

Returning after the last run of the night at Partick Garage.

GCT Pipe Band Major McFadyen.

Office workers at the Bus Works, 1972.

GGPTE female bus driver.

GGPTE Bus Tour.

GGPTE staff in George Square on Remembrance Sunday 1975.

Introduction of Fast Fare.

Knightswood Garage canteen, late 1970s.

Bus driving instructors at the Knightswood Garage
training school, circa 1992.

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